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D&D Armour Class Analysis

June 27, 2020


I am rolling a Firbolg Cleric for a D&D campaign. Firbolgs consider armour and shields to be cowardly, and the cost of this cowardice is a staggeringly low armour class (hereafter referred to as AC.)

As I was deciding whether to give into this peer pressure and wear no armour whatsoever, I felt briefly motivated to see just what kind of an effect your AC has in various combat circumstances.

I’m not much of a data scientist. I know about stochastic analysis, and I know how to put a line onto a graph with matplotlib. That’ll do for now.


Varying attack modifier

Varying damage modifier

Varying number of damage dice

Varying type of damage dice

It’s clear that, for any configuration of attacker you’re up against, your armour class gets exponentially more effective as it increases.

In other words, higher armour class is better. Who knew?